Our Products.

We are committed to providing a premium product using the highest quality ingredients. 100% of our products are made in the UK and unlike other brands, our products are not used in white label companies. Be assured that Obey The Crave is entirely our own creation developed through listening to the needs of our community!

By supporting us, you help us to expand our brand being able to create more exciting products for you! 


Our Story.

Obey the Crave™

Our story is simple.

Obey The Crave was born out of an obsession. An obsession with transforming our physiques, while truly living life. We became sick of restrictive diets, sick of sweet treats claiming to be 'low in sugar' or 'fat free' only to find out the numbers didn't add up and we could never fit them in.

We created Obey The Crave to serve macro trackers who love food and progress equally. 

We hope you become as obsessed as we are with this industry changing cookie butter, there is but one rule... #ObeyTheCrave!  


Our Mission.

You might buy our products but our mission does not stop there. We stay committed to our vision to transform the world of macro friendly treats. We will never compromise on quality, we will never compromise on taste and we will listen to YOU.

Let's build this community together.